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14 Creative Ways to Get Reviews

I am going to outline everything that you need to know about the different ways to get customers to leave reviews and the 14 creative ways to get reviews.  If you do this right, you will have a Hugh advantage over your competitors. Especially if you can get video testimonials. Video Testimonials are like Gold. I say that because the more Video you use, the better your marketing efforts will increase;

Stats on Video Reviews and Video Marketing

  1. Video attracts two to three times as many monthly visitors.
  2. Video traffic is made up of over 69% of all global consumer internet traffic
  3. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with Video
  4. Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in a video compared to 10% when reading in a text format.
  5. Business who uses Video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  6. 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase
  7. 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase
  8. 93% of customers will read local business to determine its quality.
  9. 72% of customers won't take any buying actions until they've read reviews.
  10. A business that has nine reviews earns 52% more revenue than the average. If your company has more than 25 current reviews that are UpToDate. Well, that increases to 108%
  11. 85% of consumers consider any review that is 3months old as not an irrelevant review

If you want to see more statistics on online reviews, check out this article I do believe it will change how you think about your online reviews and you’re marketing as well.

Knowing these stats will give you an idea of how to approach getting more online reviews for your business.  As a business owner, it’s your job and duty to create systems and frameworks that are effective and systematized. This will ensure that it is simple and easy for your staff to execute what you are having them do. Most businesses have what I call leaking pipes, which are basically broken systems and frameworks that are either too complicated or NOT easy to execute. In return, it does not allow the employee or the staff to be effective and successful in their job or whatever you are asking for them todo.

 If you send postcards and emails without any real value to the consumer, why should they leave a review or a testimonial just because you send them something that says they should do it. If you must manually send out the review link, you will eventually stop doing it because it is time-consuming. If you ask customers to leave a review and never do, you are doing something wrong. You want reviews, then my number one piece of advice to you is you must have customers willing to RAVE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, and if you can do this, you will never have to worry about getting more customers to leave you reviews testimonials. This is what this article will do for you and show you how to do that, but it all starts with YOU DOING THE WORK!!!! If YOU DO THE WORK, then you will have A LEAN MEAN REVIEW

MACHINE! I can tell you that if you create and apply what I show you here, then you will increase your sales, and your business will grow as you have never seen before.

To know this framework or this system, you must see how the design and the framework are constructed.

How To Have Raving Fans

so I want to show you the steps that you must master to pull this off.

  1. Convert – Master the way you find customers or how customers find you.
  2. Commit - Master the way you get customers to commit to your products and services
  3. Enroll – Master the customer's purchase or sign up
  4. Excite – Master how the way how you get customers to be excited after they have signed up or bought your product
  5. Re-Engage – Master how you ask for a review or how your product or service is helping them.
  6. Rave – If all the below is done right, then they will RAVE about you. Now they will get to see how you ask for a review. The customer gets to see your LEAN MEAN REVIEW MACHINE IN ACTION, AND THIS PROCESS MUST BE SUPPER EASY AND EFFICIENT FOR YOUR CUSTOMER IF ALL OF THIS IS DONE CORRECT YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO HAVE RAVING FANS.
  7. Reactivate – Master how your customers will buy again from you or use your service also.
  8. Repeat – Master how you can repeat this process repeatedly.

See, I told you it's WORK! This is also called the New Patient Journey. All of this must be done before getting great reviews, but if you know this process, you know what to do, and you will be ready when you need to ask for reviews, especially video reviews and testimonials. Keep in mind that I am just not showing you to get reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. But I want to show you how to obtain video testimonials as well. The videos will give your business the extra edge you need for your business, as I mentioned in the stats above.

Before we get into how to get powerful customer reviews, we also need to know that for any reason, in the near future you get a bad review, then you know how to handle that bad review. You can use that lousy review and turn it into a good review.  It all depends on how you handle that review and the things you do to make it right.  Bad reviews are not always bad; it just depends on how you handle it and use it. Think about 40 5-star reviews and one 2-or three stars or even 1-star review then to the public that does a couple of things for you.

  1. It normalizes you that you do make mistakes; they are rare, but when you do, you make it suitable. This matters to people. At times consumers are not dumb. They know at times you cannot satisfy everyone, and it is rare, especially if your other reviews are top-notch.
  2. It shows that You do what it takes to make things right- remember that commercial from dominos where it shows a dominos employee knocking on a home with FREE large pizza for messing up their order, and it shows the customer happy and saying they will remember this the next time they think of ordering pizza. That commercial shows you if they make a mistake, they will fix it. Dominos made terrible publicity into a positive. So, think of out-of-box ideas.

These two things matter to our everyday consumers today. Think about…. Is anyone company perfect or any human perfect? Not at all, so it shows your reviews are honest and from genuine people. Again, It normalizes you. Below are some tips you can use to help you handle negative reviews.

How To Handle Negative Reviews.

  1. Set up all your review sites to be notified when you get any review to respond promptly.

  2. Hear the customer out without any interruptions. Let know tell their whole story sometimes customers want to be heard.
  3. Empathize with them like "I understand" "I would be frustrated or upset if that were me-too" these are two phrases that you can use
  4. If you are genuine and sincere, customers feel they made their point and understand that you are doing what it takes to make them happy.
  5. Resolve the issue and ask: how you can make it right?" This is how you can turn it into a positive and use this in your review as well or marketing… Maybe give them their money back, give them free product, let them know you Guarantee your services. Send them a care package. IF you call and complain at In and Out Burger, they will send you $20.00 in free coupons and free meals.
  6. Diagnose the problem and find out how this can be avoided. Create ways, so this does not happen again. Part of being a business owner is learning from your mistakes and fix the issue. This is how you become a better company and better person. There is no business owner or entrepreneur who did not fail at some point or make a mistake. Any successful entrepreneur will tell they made plenty but learned from them. IT all part of running a business.
  7. Show in your marketing how you fix problems and use the bad experience as a positive. Think outside of the box.

All of this will give you a great foundation on how your mindset needs to be when creating an entire review system and framework for your company. Now that you know why reviews are critical, how to turn a bad review into a good thing, and the process you need to go through to get great at this point, you now are ready to understand The Lean Mean Review Machine framework and system. This is how you can have an unlimited number of reviews and never have to have to worry about getting customers reviews for your company. Once this is set up in place, you can automate everything and not have to worry about not getting customer reviews

14 Creative Ways to Get Reviews
  1. Learn to ask, but when you ask, you must ask the right way. Use the correct verbiage like Go check us out on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or anywhere you want to send your customers to leave a review. Do not say leave a 5star review because all these review websites have rules and regulations on how you get your reviews. So, become aware of them so you then know what you can do to promote getting more reviews. Yelp is a big Strickler on this one, so you want to be aware of all the rules…
  2. Instead of saying review, we use the words feedback, case study, or survey. If you do use a survey, you could give an incentive like pay or free product. Like how Nielsen ratings work, they send you $1 to get you intrigued to do one of their surveys. Legally you can pay for surveys. Case studies are great, and you will learn more than you expected about your customers, but this is a great way to get video testimonials. Call or send an invite to your top 10 customers and let them know you need their help and that you are doing a case study on everything that you learned from doing what you do. You will be giving free education that helps your customer, and you are inviting them to your case study. Maybe provide an incentive at the end of that you will get a video testimonial after the case study is over. If you want help with implementing a case study strategy for your business or want more clarification on a case study, you can schedule a call with me personally here.
  3. Train your staff on how to ask for reviews at the checkout line or when the time seems right if your customer is happy and thinking of you. Can you always ask them do they mind sharing that on camera for us? 95% will say Yes. Hubspot did a survey and what they found is that 74% of customers were asked to provide feedback, 68% were willing to do it. So, do not feel intimidated. Your customers are just waiting for the right moment. You need to look for them… You want to do this in person if possible, and you want to train your staff on how to do this. This method will teach you how to leverage customer happiness.
  4. If you are going to ask for reviews in person and train your staff, then you need an easy way to do that. You could use your camera on your phone if you just wanted to get a video really quick, but if you want something that will launch to your website and other platforms right away and at the same time, ask your customer to share on their Facebook page, and anyone who ses's that on their page will get a special offer from you. Like you see here: then I recommend using the SOTELLUS APP. You can start a free trial here. This system and this framework is how you can use your reviews to get you more customers. If you want to discuss how we can do this for your company, then you schedule a live strategy call with me.
  5. Place a yelp, google, Facebook button, or what they call a badge on your website if you have one.
  1. Have stickers on the front door if you have a storefront. Use your front door, your lobby space, with posters and stickers, and you want customers to see them. You can leave a QR code or a link to your reviews sites so they can visit them
  1. On your invoices, receipts, emails, post, etc., leave your review links or your review page link that you set up. Or let your customers know how they can leave you a review using those tools.
  1. Share your google, Yelp, Facebook reviews on social media. You can also automate this process as well. If you want to know how you can schedule a live strategy, call me personally.
  1. If you do well, yelp will send you a sticker that says, People, love us. You need to share that sticker on social media and even make a video about it as well and promote that Video. People really trust yelp, and Yelp reviews give you a lot of credibility.
  1. Create an automated funnel, a system, a framework for reviews and testimonials. Example: create three smiley faces. Each smiling face will lead to a separate page. If customer clicks on the green smiley face it will take them to a page that has all your review sites, they now can choose which platform is easy for them to leave a review. If they click on Yellow or orange face will lead them to a page that shows them to a survey on how you can improve and why they are not happy and the same thing with the last frown Red face. Now you can funnel away any bad reviews. This will help so your reviews do not land on your Google page, yelp page, or Facebook, etc. At the same time, it helps you take care of the issue as well because you will get customer feedback and stop bad reviews from getting to your review sites.  This type of framework or system can be automated as well. If you would like to schedule a strategy call, you can schedule a call with me, and I can show you how you can do that or even help you do it as well.
  1. Use a Centralized hub spot for your reviews because you have so many various Review sites online due to the fact that there are so many various review sites, and if you want to show display all your reviews on one page, then you can use the SOTELLUS APP where you can connect all your reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. on one area one page. This will display all your thoughts and centralize them and make you look like you have a ton of reviews online and will also help with SEO as well. You can start your free trial here. This is the same system I use for my marketing agency as well. If you have questions about the SOTELLUS APP and want to schedule a live call, you can right here.
  2. Make it easy for customers and make sure your funnel, website, review pages, apps, etc., are mobile-friendly. Over 80% of all website traffic is on a mobile device now, so you need to make sure that everything you do is mobile-friendly and easy for someone to use with their phone.
  3. Send text messages and emails to your customers and automate this process, so it happens automatically and saves you time and energy. Remember to make sure to do it all at the right time when the customer is happy or after purchase etc.
  4. Provide Astonishing products or services that go the extra mile. All of this only works if you provide exceptional service to your customers. All strive to be the best!

At the beginning of this, I mentioned that this only works if you are willing to do the work that I said and outlined here. I went over a lot, and if you would like detailed information, you can always schedule a strategy session with me at any time.

Here you have it. My 14 ways to get more customer reviews, 11 customer reviews statistics, and eight ways to master online reviews. And If you have any questions about anything, you are welcome to schedule a live call with me. If you are curious to know more about SOTELLUS APP, you can start your free trial or schedule a live strategy call with me as well.

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