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When you are starting any Google PPC campaign there are a few things that we need to look for. There is a lot of research that goes into completing an effective Google PPC ad campaign. Any time we prepare any Google PPC ad campaign we do the following 10 steps to ensure that your PPC campaign will be an effective one.

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10 Steps For A Successful Google PPC AD Campaign

  1. Is there a customer demand? – Is the keyword searched in Google? Is the person searching for this? what kind of person is searching for this? I use the term find out your customer avatar. By them searching for this keyword are they likely to buy my product or service? Can I afford to advertise on the keyword?
  2. Can you afford to advertise on Top keywords?
  3. Perform a competitor Analysis
  4. Leverage a powerful unique selling proposition
  5. Have a Irresistible Offer – Valuable, believable, reduce or reverse risk, call to action,
  6. Creating compelling ads – Headline, Description line 1, Description line 2, Display URL
  7. Create Relevant landing pages
  8. Add Conversion tracking and Optimize ads – Create a conversion page in your sales process, use unique coupon codes in your ads and landing pages, Use tracking phone numbers in your ads and landing pages.
  9. Setting up Adwords – Search Vs Display, Device bids, keywords match types, negative keywords are some things to look out for.
  10. Optimization – keyword bidding, CTR Click through rate, Landing page conversion rate.

Following these 10 steps we ensure we are setting up a campaign that is Guaranteed to have success.

What is Google PPC

Google PPC  is Google pay-per-click advertising solution. This allows business small and large to set up and run ads on their platform. Advertising and business owners only pay when someone who searches for your keyword term actually click on your ad. At that point is when you will be billed for that click. As a business owners and advertiser you are paying for clicks. The benefit of running Google PPC is that you are able to get access and reach out to a wider audience then your normally would.

How Does PPC Work on Google?

Google PPC is based on a bid. So whomever is willing to bid the highest amount for a keyword is the one who will get that keywords visibility. Advertisers have the chance to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or video to web users.

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