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Is Dropfunnels Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Review of Dropfunnels Pricing for Marketers

Dropfunnels Pricing for Marketers

DropFunnels is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows users to create and optimize high-converting sales funnels, membership sites, and landing pages. It comes with a drag-and-drop funnel builder, a built-in shopping cart, email marketing tools, and other features that help businesses generate leads and increase revenue. The platform aims to provide users with a seamless and efficient marketing experience without the need for coding or technical skills.


As of late, the company has updated its pricing, and this time around, DropFunnels pricing is more competitive, and the platform offers more than it did when it was first introduced. So, there is a lot to unpack for this DropFunnels review apart from its pricing, so let’s quickly dive into this to help you determine if it is worth the price.

What DropFunnels Pricing is Right for You?

How much you pay for DropFunnels varies depending on your chosen plan. However, selecting the right DropFunnels plan involves assessing your unique needs. If you're starting, it's unlikely that you'll require the subscription to come with an extensive range of features, most of which we bet you won't use. Conversely, if you anticipate the need for customized options and a higher volume of monthly visitors, investing in a more comprehensive plan is worthwhile. 


Some users may find that starting small and then slowly growing, at which point they upgrade their plan, is the best approach.

It's also worth noting that DropFunnels has a learning curve associated with it, depending on who you are. Newcomers to the online business world may find the basic or Starter plan (as they call it) a better fit than the premium plan.


The higher tier plan offers a range of benefits at a competitive price, striking a balance between affordability and advanced features. The Ultimate (higher-tier) plan is geared toward those with an established brand and a deeper understanding of online marketing. It is also an excellent choice for agencies that build these pages and websites for clients. Thus, it is also the priciest one.

DropFunnels Starter Plan

Dropfunnels starter plan
If you're looking for a comprehensive online platform to build and manage your business's digital presence, DropFunnels is an excellent option to consider. The basic account starts users on the ground floor for $99 monthly with a 14-day optional trial period (we will explain this part later). Compared to its higher tier plan, the basic plan helps users save up to $360 per year while enjoying a host of features and benefits geared towards taking your business to the next level.


One of the most significant advantages of the basic or Starter Plan is that you'll get access to several freebies that would otherwise cost you a significant amount of money. For instance, you'll get free access to DropResponder Pro, a powerful tool that can transform your Gmail account into a full-fledged CRM system. This tool alone is worth $29 per month, which translates to $348 per year, but you get it for free with the basic account. It is also one of the newer tools that, if used correctly, can turn your email marketing campaign into a money machine.

The other freebie feature of the plan is access to the Perfect VSL Workshop Bundle, valued at $549. This bundle includes a series of video training sessions that can teach users how to create and optimize video sales letters for maximum impact. Needless to say, this is a must-have for anyone new to internet marketing.  


Users also get access to DropFunnels' massive funnel template library, valued at over $3,000. This library contains hundreds of high-converting funnel templates you can customize via the drag-and-drop interface. Moreover, this library always stays consistent because DropFunnels adds new designs and templates every few months. So, this is a growing library, which has grown tremendously since we started using DropFunnels.

Apart from these freebies, the basic account also comes with several other features and benefits that can help you easily build and manage your online presence. For instance:


  • You get three unlocked subaccounts/domains
  • Unlimited sales funnels, courses, and sub courses
  • Unlimited website pages
  • Unlimited blog posts
  • Unlimited sales pipelines


Additionally, the basic account also offers unlimited site visitors, meaning you won't have to worry about traffic limitations like with other similar services. Plus, with 10 GB of video storage space, you will not run out of space anytime soon unless you’re starting the next Youtube!

The DropFunnels Ultimate Plan

Ultimate plan dropfunnels pricing

Now if your business has grown to the point where the basic plan does not suffice, the Ultimate Plan holds nothing back and starts at $299 a month. If you thought the starter plan was cool, the Ultimate Plan takes things to the next level, offering a comprehensive suite of features perfect for agencies, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to take their online business to the next level.


One feature that instantly stands out about the DropFunnels Ultimate Plan is the ability to have 10 subaccounts/domains under one plan. This is a huge plus for agencies or serial entrepreneurs who need to manage multiple websites and funnels. The Ultimate Plan also includes access to all the benefits of the Starter Plan, including unlimited pages, funnels, and visitors, as well as access to all of the platform’s core features.

Another impressive feature of the Ultimate Plan is the 5-star support and private Slack workspace access. Now this is a whole new level of support, which assure users they will receive the assistance they need when needed. The private Slack workspace is particularly useful for collaborating with other team members or getting answers to questions quickly. Our experience has been that the Slack channel has become a go-to resource for anyone who needs help immediately.

The Ultimate Plan also includes 30 GB of video storage space, which is 3X what you get from the Starter Plan. This is particularly useful for businesses that rely heavily on video content, such as course creators or video marketers. Then there is also the fact that you can’t have enough video storage, especially if you’re in an industry where videos make a significant difference.


Now for business owners who pay annually, the Ultimate Plan includes many bonuses, including a custom-designed authority funnel valued at $2,997, a custom course design, and a custom blog layout. Additionally, users will receive a one-on-one offer clarity session with DropFunnels CEO Jordan Mederich, valued at $10,000. Finally, users will also receive a FREE DropResponder Teams Plan valued at $149 per month.


Drop responder dropfunnel pricing and cost

As you can tell, the DropFunnels Ultimate Plan is an impressive package packed with features designed to make online marketing and sales funnels as easy and effective as possible.


It is an excellent choice for agencies and serial entrepreneurs that want the room to grow unhindered.  

The Free Trial Period VS Skip Trial Period

For most users, we recommend skipping the free trial to take advantage of all the extra goodies that DropFunnels throws in. It is essential to start with an understanding that when you opt for the Starter package, it has the option to skip the free trial by default. This has been set to ‘off’ by default, which means you get all the goodies, but no free trial. But it can be turned off to not avail all the goodies in favor of getting the free trial.


Before you opt to skip the free trial, it is worth looking at what is available. To start with, Starter users can save up to $360 a year on their subscription, with all the extra stuff thrown in.

DropFunnels gives users access to their premium DropResponder Pro, which essentially turns a regular Gmail account into a fully functioning CRM that turbocharges your outreach and email marketing campaigns, valued at $29 monthly.


Users also get access to DropFunnels Perfect VSL Workshop Bundle, which is a highly popular workshop valued at $549. The free access ensures that you get everything that’s otherwise bundled with the paid version of this, so you’re not losing out on anything.

Perfect VSL dropfunnels pricing and cost

Finally, users get access to a vast library of templates, which continues to grow. This library contains several dozen templates, which you can copy and paste into a working funnel within minutes. This alone is valued at over $3k.


So, you can see how skipping the free trial offers you so much more. That said, for some people who want to try out the platform and don’t care about all the freebies, the free 14-day trial may matter more. That said, most people will be fine with skipping the trial, which is a small price to pay for all the goodies.

Dropfunnels templates pricing and cost

How Does DropFunnels’ Pricing Plans Work For Upgrades?

Upgrading your DropFunnels account is easy when the time comes. It also means that whatever you did was working, and now it's time to take things to the next level. Fortunately, upgrading is simple, and all you need is to go to your account setting and choose the next level up, which in most, if not all, cases will be the Ultimate Plan.

Why Should You Use Dropfunnels?

Well, for starters DropFunnels is the only SEO funnel builder that actually works as it should. The drag-and-drop interface, coupled with an extensive library of website designs, means that you can slap something together that looks both professional and helps increase conversions in a matter of minutes.


Using the WordPress framework ensures that it can quickly be incorporated into any existing business website. This means that launching an online business is no longer super challenging, and there is no need to juggle multiple developers to get something that starts working right out of the box in minutes.

Dropfunnesl templates and pricing

The vast majority of templates we’ve gone through in the template library are attractive, modern, and there is something or at least a few different types for each type of business or niche. So, if you need an attractive website and don’t want to steer away from the WordPress platform, DropFunnels is the only game in town.


Plus, optimizing these pages is quick and straightforward, similar to how you would search optimize any other page. But they load fast and are easy to work with, so not only does it equip you with the ability to set up a beautiful website, but they also rank it for your desired keywords so that you start pulling in a bucket load of traffic. Once traffic starts coming in DropFunnels’ funnel starts converting them!

One of the things you are asking yourself is if DropFunnels is worth what may seem to be a high price point. The price is a bargain, if not an absolute steal, in this industry, especially with all the extras thrown in for good measure. Not only are you handed the reins to build a top-class funnel, but at the same time, learn how to do it, too, with the Perfect VSL Workshop Bundle.


However, how much you value it will mainly depend on who you are and what your budget is. It is worth it if you can afford the plans and think the platform offers precisely what is needed to run your business.

DropFunnels is an excellent business solution for people wanting to try and grow their business using it. Sure, newbie users will need to overcome an initial learning curve because they are new to the platform and its features, but once they overcome that, it will undoubtedly enhance their business strategy.


If you are unsure, start with the free trial to see how much it offers and how it can help take your business to the next level.

Dropfunnels VS Clickfunnels on Pricing

Clickfunnels VS Dropfunnels pricing

ClickFunnels is a similar marketing platform that makes it easy for users to create sales funnels and spice up their landing pages for maximum impact. The software has proven to be one of the best in helping businesses grow locally and, most times, globally.


ClickFunnels was introduced by Russell Brunson and was initially meant to help internet marketers remove the frustration and time consumed with producing a sales funnel that helped deliver results. The platform, similar to DropFunnels, helps users create various types of sales funnels, all without the need to know or understand coding.


ClickFunnels has been credited with being easy to learn, use, and with the latest A/B testing capabilities, along with its drag-and-drop editor, anyone can start using it. Though there is still an albeit learning curve associated with it, once that’s overcome, users can deploy various landing page types and customize dozens of pre-made sales funnels to work for them.


DropFunnels and ClickFunnels are mainly specialized page builders but with a couple of differences. For starters, ClickFunnels offers more training programs compared to DropFunnels. But users of DropFunnels are limited to using just one account, while ClickFunnels users can have multiple users on a single account.


A one-to-one price comparison of DropFunnels is more cost-effective because ClickFunnels’s plans are more expensive, especially since they offer the same tools. Though for some, the few extras may make ClickFunnels worth the extra money.


DropFunnels offers just as much as ClickFunnels but at a lower price point. However, both platforms have a free trial, allowing you to test each before making a purchase.

Pros of DropFunnels

Even though DropFunnels pricing is attractive, there are various other pros associated with using DropFunnels, many of which we’ve highlighted in this review. That said, here is a bullet point list of all the pros coupled with a few cons:

  • The platform’s builder is relatively easy to use for everyone.
  • You can use it to build unlimited pages or sales funnels.
  • The SEO tools are easy to use, well integrated, and allow for advanced SEO work.
  • It is easy to rank the sales funnel on Google.
  • The content is conversion-optimized, but custom content can also be added.
  • Draw from a variety of customizable and pre-designed templates.
  • It is possible to use it to create a high-authority blog.
  • The platform can be used to build a fully functioning website.
  • Built-in link tracking system.
  • An affiliate program that enables people to make money by recommending the platform.
  • Cost-effective for beginners.
  • Managing links is quick and easy compared to other platforms we’ve tested.


All platforms and just about anything, in general, have their own set of cons. However, with DropFunnels, there aren’t as many cons, but you should be aware of them. Here are a few we identified:

  • The Starter Plan only allows for three domains. However, you can upgrade the account to host more domains.


  • There is a learning curve associated with using DropFunnels which may take newbie users time to overcome.


  • The interface is tricky to use because, despite the large numbers, some pre-built templates are available in limited variations.

Final Thoughts On Dropfunnels Pricing And Review

Dropfunnels pricing and review

DropFunnels is one of the most established and trusted internet marketing platforms which has, over the years, proven to help businesses deliver results. One thing that sets DropFunnels apart from similar platforms is that it allows you to build the funnel into your WordPress blog site. This means you can have blogs and sales funnels on the same site, plus all of this can be done without fancy programming skills. Also, this is the only platform that we know of that enables people to run this type of hybrid which offers its own unique set of advantages.

Then there is also the fact that DropFunnels is fast! Yes, it is one of the fastest funnels and page buildings platforms out there, with loads of customizable features. The pages are relatively bloat-free, and thus load up faster than most other page builders in this league.


Finally, the optional 14-day trial means users can try the DropFunnels before they decide to spend money. It is an excellent deal and arguably the best out there.


If you are still on the fence about using it, this DropFunnels review should help push you over.

Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent asked questions about dropfunnels pricing
  1. How well does DropFunnels rank on Google? Despite DropFunnels pricing being competitive, it is one of the most SEO-friendly platforms in our experience. If you are like most business owners, then you obviously want to rank well on Google. DropFunnels makes it possible despite it being a sales funnel builder. The platform has built-in features that help users categorize the level of a sales funnel on Google. When recommended, the tools help websites and their sales funnels rank high on Google, Bing, and other search platforms.

DropFunnels uses a simple and dedicated Schema based framework which is great for SEO. This allows users to customize their content to fit Google’s established standards and thus improve their ranking. However, it should be noted that there is more to ranking a website and pages on a site than industry dependent. 

2. Can DropFunnels be used to grow a serious business? Yes, many highly successful businesses run on DropFunnels. Many businesses started from scratch on the platform and now rake in millions each year. DropFunnels makes it easy for any business that needs specific features, such as an intuitive user interface and a host of easy-to-use SEO tools.

The best thing is that users don’t need to take a course on Google optimization, programming, or design to achieve any of it. That means anyone, even a solopreneur, can set up a website with an attractive sales funnel and start selling without spending too much money.

3. What is the best DropFunnels plan for me? You shouldn’t choose a plan solely on DropFunnels pricing but instead on what features you need. That said, most people will feel that the Starter plan works best for them. Not only is it the most affordable plan, but it is also everything a startup needs to get going. It is great for people who are just getting into the industry because it lowers the barrier to entry considerably compared to what is possible with other sales funnel builders or even without them in general.


Agency owners that build sites for their clients will want to start with the Ultimate Plan. That’s because it gives them everything needed to build sales funnels for their clients.


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