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DropFunnels is taking the digital world by storm and with good reason. It's efficient, it's fast, and the benefits are vast. If you are not sure what it is that this site does, we can help. When someone goes to your website and does something that you wish them to, like signing up for your newsletter, that is what is known as a conversion. Once a conversion has been performed, a funnel is used to track the conversion process and what happens after. This is commonly used in eCommerce companies because they need to follow their web presence and sales. 

DropFunnels attempts to combine the best of both worlds, combining the best websites and sales funnels into one platform. It helps users because everything they need is in one spot. There is no need to look over five platforms anymore. Instead, you can see everything you need right there on the page. They also offer comprehensive features that will help take your business to the next level.

Before you pick a DropFunnels plan, you need to be aware of your particular needs first. If you are starting out small, you won't need a program with extras included that you won't be using. On the opposite side of that statement, if you will need custom options and more visitors per month, you will need to have those extras that a more extensive plan can offer. 

Another area to be aware of is DropFunnels has a bit of a learning curve. If you don't have experience very much and are just getting started in the online business world, you may want to get the basic plan instead of diving into the premium plan right away. The middle plan that they offer is a good mix of the lower cost and the higher cost because it provides users a vast amount of perks for a very competitive price. The higher tier plan is more for people who already have an established brand and those who have a greater sense of how online marketing works.

The starter plan will start you off at forty-nine dollars each month. As far as beginner plans go, this one is very efficient and offers many benefits for your dollar. The program provides each user up to ten thousand visitors a month. When you are just starting in online marketing, getting the customers to notice you right away can be challenging. Ten thousand visitors a month is a substantial amount, and it is unlikely that you will need more than that. At least not right away. The customers need time to find you so that they can take advantage of your services. 

DropFunnels also boasts that this is a platform that offers you everything you need at a smaller price. In addition to that, they want to help you make the best out of your skills, so they also offer unlimited mobile-friendly pages. That option is a great helper because many people don't understand that when you have a website that if it doesn't look good on the phone and you can't see what you need, customers will walk away. That can vastly impact how many loyal customers you keep.

Unlimited courses are another option that the basic plan offers you. There is more to everything that we can learn, and the courses help you get the information you need and the skills you need to be successful. In addition to the courses, they provide professionally designed themes to make you stand out even further. 

Other benefits that the basic plan can offer you are these.

  • Unlimited blog posts 
  • Unlimited landing pages 
  • Complete funnels and funnel steps 
  • SEO framework
  • Integration
  • Professional hosting 
  • Built-in link trackers
  •  Drag and drop visual editor

As you can see, the beginner's plan is pretty intensive and offers many benefits for you to use. If your business is doing under four thousand dollars a month, this would be the perfect plan for you to use.

The pro plan is a bit more expensive at one hundred and forty-nine dollars. However, the perks that it offers users are more extensive than what is being provided on the basic plan. For starters, it gives you up to two hundred and fifty thousand visitors per month. That is a vast difference between the plans, and you can see right away that this is more intensive and is made for someone who has a customer base in place and has a brand that is either already established or on your way to being readily established. 

Like the basic plan, the pro plan is mobile-friendly and has a great refresh rate with high speeds. It can be refreshed in less than two seconds, doesn't have any bugs or issues, and is an excellent plan for people to benefit. 

Additional perks that this plan will offer you are these.

  • Unlimited courses 
  • Unlimited membership sites 
  • Unlimited blog posts 
  • Unlimited leads, contacts, and landing pages
  • Unlimited funnels and steps
  • SEO
  • Framework 
  • In link trackers 
  • Hosting

An important note to be aware of here is that the pro plan is made for people who have over six thousand dollars in revenue every month. It is also meant for a business that has at least twenty thousand visitors or more each month. However, one of the best benefits to utilize is the fact that the pro plan is self-explanatory, and you won't need as much online support.

The agency plan is the best of the best. If you are going all in, you will pay a higher price, but it's worth it because of what they can offer you. At two hundred and ninety-seven dollars, this is not cheap, and it's made for someone who has an established brand, a customer base already in place, and a business plan that is making a profit. It is constructed ideally for people who have an agency established. It won't be a plan that can help everyone, but it can be beneficial to someone needing more sites and more logins and keeping them all together. 

The agency plan offers up to ten starter sites for you to benefit from, along with keeping all of your domains under one managed login. This is an advantageous option to those who are a severe force in the online eCommerce world. Many businesses have benefited from having a login that keeps everything in one place because it is simple, effective, and easier to keep track of.

Other benefits to taking advantage of are the following.

  • Customized checkouts 
  • Unlimited courses, blog posts, and landing pages
  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited contacts 
  • Professional themes and domain mapping
  • Complete funnel and funnel steps 
  • Integration
  • Drag and drop editor
  • SEO
  • In link trackers 
  • Powerful hosting

You can also benefit from having unlimited membership sites and unlimited features on each account. This is something that helps when you want to be able to customize your site the way you need to. Using these two features allows you to make your site as professional as possible, giving your the chance to have more customers and negotiability.

You may wonder if you choose a specific plan if you are stuck. Not at all. You can change the program or upgrade any time you need to. The only thing you have to do is reach out to the support team, and they can help you right away. You might be a little apprehensive initially and think that you don't need a bigger plan, and then low and behold, you have fifty thousand customers. If that happens, you will have to upgrade. At the same time, other sites have a complex system that makes you wait for weeks or even months to change a plan. With DropFunnels, changing your plan is easy and doesn't cause you any trouble.

The plans can change and are always subject to a change in the future as far as pricing. It's a good thing to keep in mind because if you have one plan and it changes, you can be prepared, so it doesn't happen to you unaware. DropFunnels is currently offering the lowest cost for plans beating out ClickFunnels and Builderall who are almost fifty and thirty dollars more expensive, respectively.

After careful comparison of the plans, you will determine which program is suitable for you and your platform. If you notice that your business is taking off sooner than you thought, you can upgrade to a higher plan. Likewise, if you see that you may need a little more time and may not have the customer base that you need just yet, you can downgrade and take advantage of the courses they offer. Those options will help you gain more experience to upgrade when you have achieved a bigger following. Whichever plan you use, however, you will have the best programs available at the best prices. DropFunnel is the perfect option to get started at any level.

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