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Easy1up Affiliate Program

Easy1up Affiliate Program

Here is everything you need to know about the EASY1up affiliate marketing program. Easy1up is a product that was invented by Peter Wolfing, a man that had a plethora of businesses to his name. Gaining traction from the previous year that it has been in place has become a hotly debated affiliate marketing venue for people to consider choosing as a variable income option.

It is considered to be a high-functioning training program. Providing training videos for potential clients, it claims that for twenty-five dollars, you can make thousands. It is an MLM that bases commissions on recruitment and getting people to buy the training programs offered on their site.

Five different training courses are designed to teach you anything you would need to become a successful marketer and recruiter. Once you can recruit people successfully, you earn a one hundred percent commission and begin the path to success. The levels you can choose from have their ways of offering you unique benefits that you will ultimately prefer.

Six Levels To Choose From

The basics are the starting pair, where the intermediate levels and higher levels show how each tier steadily moves up as the commissions you want to gain. One of the things you will need to remember with these levels is achieving a two thousand dollar commission; you have to buy the two thousand dollar level. If you have a basic level and your recruit chooses the maximum level, the commission is not yours. That encourages people to buy the highest level to experience no issues and won't waste time purchasing the other lower stations. A big gamble with a big reward if you can gain recruits.

  • Level one-The Elevation- pay thirty dollars. There is an included admin fee of five dollars. Level one is considered safe and accessible because if you have trouble recruiting people, the pay is minimal, and the risk is more minimal.
  • Level two-The Elevation Elite-pay one hundred dollars. There is an admin fee of five dollars. Level two is still on the primary side and can be helpful when you are receiving more recruits buying into the program.

The intermediate level slowly begins to cause your prices and admin fees to rise.

  • Level three-The Vertex- you will pay two hundred and fifty dollars with a twenty-five-dollar admin fee. 
  • Level four-The Vertex Elite-pay five hundred with a fifty-dollar admin fee

The final stages of the membership tier levels are the highest levels of cost and commission.

  • Level five-The Vertex Pro- the cost of one thousand dollars and a one hundred dollar admin fee.
  • Level six-The Vertex Live- pay two thousand dollars and a five hundred dollar admin fee.

This is the level that many will try to recruit people to. It offers the biggest payout, but the issue is that many may feel that it is too much to spend and choose a lower payout.

What People Like About The Tiers

People are willing to give this a try to enter this program for little cost but begin to see rewards easily if they put in the effort. Essentially if you recruit one person, you will have made your money back, and many think about the action it would take to recruit a single person.

The training courses they provide are also a feature that users like. There are videos and helpful tools that promise to help you gain financial success easily and quickly. The training you obtain will provide you with a fundamental yet straightforward process for understanding the recruitment process and making it happen quicker. Our society leans toward instant gratification, and as a result, many don't want to wait for results. They want to see the big reward right away. That is more satisfying than waiting for a slow payout.

You will also need to tell people that the owner gives people their due credit, which makes people happy as they feel they have accomplished something great. It is also an incredible feeling of accomplishment when you see that your effort and time were worth it. If you are able to recruit many people to the tiered learning programs, this is debated to be a profitable gain for businesses to utilize.


The program has been the cause of debate within the past year, and there are some eyebrow-raising concerns to be aware of. The first being that the business will never indeed be your own. Instead, it's more like an agency that has recruited you, and now you do the same. There is also little to be found in the way of success. Instead, what you see is people attempting to recruit you to the service rather than explaining how the recruitment works or help understanding the process. There are also no testimonials on how this venture can help you.

Another concern is the significant price tag. Suppose you can recruit members successfully, your set. If you cannot, then you have wasted your money. In addition to this, the owner's other ventures have closed down, and people fear that the same might happen here.

Differences From Others

Other affiliate programs charge a higher investment rate while others charge lower ones. In addition to this, others are far more well established and can offer better help with training, support, and testimonials. Another difference is there are affiliate programs that provide less of a commission. It is rare to have one give you a total commission instead of just seventy percent in many cases.

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