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How To Build A Website With WordPress 2022

How To Build A Website with WordPress from Scratch

Are you wondering how to build a website with WordPress from scratch then this article is right for you? If you are a freelancer, own a website, or an eCommerce platform, chances are you have heard of WordPress if you do not already want to use it. WordPress is an open-source content management platform that offers you software for free. It is a tool that creates a website and manages it more straightforward for users to benefit from. The best part of using WordPress is that you don't need to have any skill levels whatsoever. That offers beginners a way to get their business started and to help make their websites successful. Because WordPress is willing to help people who don't have any development skills, they have created a platform that is accessible to anyone. That has made them the go-to platform above others.

Another great thing about this platform is that while it was first introduced to create a great blog, it is now used for other purposes. Today, it is considered the most popular option for creating eCommerce stores and helping users with social media. Different areas and websites that WordPress can help you with are these.

  • Business websites
  • ECommerce
  • Portfolios
  • Membership sites
  • Social networking
  • Resumes
  • Blogs

WordPress promises that whatever you can dream up, they can help you produce it and make it successful. Nearly fifty percent of sites on the internet are run with WordPress, so you know that you will be an internet success when you utilize the perks for yourself. There are a few different ways to do this. But the easiest way is to follow the simple steps we will outline below.

The first step is to download WordPress onto your computer and obtain a domain name. This is the address your website will have on the internet. You will need it so that users can find you on the web. When you purchase a domain name, there are a few things that you should think about before you spend your money. Some tips that you can utilize for the best name are the following.

  • Make sure that it is unique.
  • Don't overcomplicate things.
  • Choose something appropriate
  • Make sure that it fits with your niche and unique brand.

So as you can see, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you have a long name that people can't remember, they won't remember you and find someone else to go to. Along those same lines, if you make your name complicated, they won't want to spend the effort to find you either. You can keep your name unique and authentic to your brand; remember to keep it simple to resonate with people.

Another thing you need to know is that you should think about your client base. An inappropriate name is the fastest way to get shut down and to have people avoid you. A great example is if your brand is geared toward children, you don't want a crude or inappropriate name. Another example is if your site was geared toward luxury items. You don't want a name that will make people think you sell cheap items or a name that will have them questioning your quality.

The last step for choosing your domain name will understand your extension.

  • .com-means commercial
  • .org-means for organizations
  • .biz-means for businesses

These three are the most common though there are more than you can choose from if none of these fit.

Choosing a Web Hosting

What you will need to do next will be to choose a hosting provider. WordPress has a few hosting providers that they like to recommend, so you won’t have to do extensive research. You can select one of the platforms that they have already deemed to be good choices. Comparing options for what has a better price and offers the best plan for your individual needs is another benefit to utilize. Once you have completed that step, all that is left for you is to get your WordPress files onto your web hosting. They will provide a web-based file manager that makes this process wholly straightforward and user-friendly.

Logging Into Your WordPress Account

Now that you have linked your WordPress to your hosting account, the only thing left to do finish the installation and then understand how the site works. The installation will not take long as it is user-friendly, and the process has step-by-step instructions. Keep in mind is that you will not be able to log in until it has been fully installed correctly.

Once you login to the dashboard, it will instruct you on how to carry out the additional tasks that you will have to complete. They have a URL option for logging in if you don’t want to deal with the hosting every time. Your login on WordPress is going to be the domain name that you chose for yourself.

About Your WordPress Dashboard

Once you have managed to get yourself logged in, the first screen you will see is the dashboard. The dashboard is the area where you are going to be able to manage your website. That includes everything from managing customers, customizing your website, and writing articles. Everything you could need to make your site the best it can be will be found using this page. Each option is going to be on the left in a sidebar.

Your options will include the following areas.

  • Media- this includes images, video, and audio that can improve your posts and your site.
  • Appearance- this will include areas like the site's design, widgets, and templates.
  • Pages- this will include your contact page and your story so your users can get to know you and your brand.
  • Tools- this includes the valuable tools that WordPress offers its users
  • Settings- there are many settings with this platform, but it is both straightforward and flexible, so it isn't too difficult to deal with.
  • Plugins- this includes the valuable tools you will need if you want to add additional features.

The sidebar options will give you all the tips you need to make your site professional and complete. Be sure to familiarize yourself with each area.

Designing Your WordPress Website

Once you've familiarized yourself with how your dashboard works, you are ready to design your site. You can customize everything efficiently due to the themes and templates that this platform provides. The templates range from professional and sleek to more individualized and modern. No matter what ideas you have, you can find them here.

The theme is a crucial step in how you want your site to look. It would be for the best if you considered what it is that you want your site to stand for. If you are in the clothing business, your theme should reflect that. If you are selling beach gear, then an educational theme wouldn't be the best idea. In keeping the tone of your site unified, you can guarantee a greater chance of success.

Once you have the theme set, work on your features. A great example to consider here is a cooperate business site. This type of site will need to display things like the following.

  • Reviews
  • Services
  • Testimonials from users
  • Display of all of your products

If these are ideas, you would like and need, and a customizable theme is the best option. Another area you should always check is when the theme was updated last. You don't want a theme that isn't current because it could cause issues for your site and bugs that may need to be repaired.

Live Customizer in WordPress

This is a tip to help you customize your site. When building your site, customization is essential, and understanding how to customize your site will help direct the traffic to you. To get to the live customizer, you will need to go to appearance and then customize. From there, you will see the live customizer option, and by clicking it, you will be able to see your effects in real-time.

  • Additional customization options to take advantage of are these.
  • Colors- clicking on this option will allow you to customize and change the colors on your site.
  • Homepage settings- clicking this option allows you to choose what people see on your site's homepage.
  • Widgets- the widgets will let you see the widgets on your site and how they look in real-time.
  • Menus-this will show customizable options for adding and removing various settings that you have chosen for your site.
  • CSS- if you need additional customization, click here, and you can add codes to your website.
  • Hide controls- this is an option for when you don’t want to look at the sidebar.
Build A Website Using Dropfunnels on WordPress

If you want to skip all the steps that we mentioned above then building a website using Dropfunnels platforms might be the best fit for you. One of the easiest ways to build a website without learning all the in and outs of WordPress but at the same time get all the benefits that WordPress gives you by using the WordPress platform. Is to using Dropfunnels. Dropfunnels is a website and funnel platform that is built on top of WordPress. Dropfunnels uses the WordPress platform so you get all the benefits that WordPress gives you without learning everything about WordPress. This blog that your on and the website was built using Dropfunnels and if you would like to know more about Dropfunnels you can click here and learn more about Dropfunnels.

You Are Now Ready to Build a Website Fast and Efficient

By using these tips, you are now ready to begin posting and adding content to your site. No site is complete without content, and this will be something that you want to add right away. In addition to this, you are now ready to begin adding your unique, individual style to your site as well. Once you have finished setting up your site correctly, you can watch as the customers notice your web presence.

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