What Are The Stages of Sales Funnel?

From the time a consumer hears about your brand, product, or service until they make a purchase, they usually cross various stages of your business's sales funnel.

The journey may vary from one customer to another as it is often evaluated based on the prospect's interests. Various factors come into play like budget, results of competitive research, and how your product/services stand out or align with what they're looking for.

Most businesses prefer to use funnel software to make the sales process streamlined for businesses and customers and help customers enjoy a seamless experience. It makes the buying journey more visual for the companies, ensuring they know what's working and what isn't.

It helps in working on the areas where the customers are leaving the buying process to improve sales. Funnel software can make a massive difference to the business's revenue and end-user experience, making it essential for companies.

However, to understand how the funnel software works, we need to have a closer look at the stages of the sales funnel. Typically, there are four main phases.

4 Stages of Sales Funnel


This is the first stage of the sales funnel where the prospects learn about your brand or come across it through various marketing channels. It can be on social media, word-of-mouth, paid ads, advertisements, forums, online reviews, etc.

The sales and marketing strategy of your business decides how further down the sales funnel the prospects go. The focus of the company at this stage of awareness is to generate interest and showcase credibility.


Once the prospect has learned about your brand and is curious about it, they've essentially entered into the middle part of the funnel. At this stage, the prospect engages in doing competitive research to find out about other products and services in the market, pricing, offering, etc. Based on the finding of the competitive research and how it aligns with the customer's problem, the journey ahead is decided.

With funnel software, the prospects are provided all the information required to make decision-making easier. The sales funnel aims to encourage customers to move further down the sales process, knowing well what the customer is looking for. It is what makes funnel software a highly efficient tool for businesses to increase sales.


At this stage, the prospect has sufficient information to shortlist your product/service among the options available in the market. It would lead the prospect to dig deep into your offering, pricing, packages, policies, reviews, etc. The aim at this stage is to encourage customers to choose you over other probable options the customer may be considering.

Follow-up calls, webinars, excellent sales copy, and positive reviews prove instrumental in moving the prospect to the final stage - Purchase (Action).


All the effort put in by the businesses is for the leads to reach this stage and convert to customers. The prospect is encouraged and expected to purchase at this stage, but often customers don't checkout.

When that happens, it doesn't always mean the prospect or the chance of a sale is lost forever as the businesses have to nurture such leads further to come back and complete the checkout process. The funnel software helps you gain data of such leads that exit at this stage, enabling you to know who to target your nurture campaign.

The traditional way of doing business can only get you so far in the age of the internet. It is essential to stay updated with the latest technologies, techniques, and tools available to scale, grow, and expand your business to dominate your target market.

Using funnel software is one such tool that can significantly help your business boost sales and keep the revenue growing consistently.

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