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What you should know?

In the last few years, DIY templates have become widely available online, allowing anybody to design a website. If you go that route, you should hire a web design company that is reputable and reliable in order to create a professional-looking site. There are companies and individuals that offer web design services who are neither reliable nor reputable.

I have learned of the signs that can help you tell which companies to avoid through my work in digital marketing and web design.


People who want websites but don't understand how they work can't afford bargain-basement rates, which is their kryptonite. They jump at the chance of getting low rates from a web design company when they find out that they are offering a lot less than their competition.


Cheap rates for web design usually mean bare-bones websites. Depending on what features and functions you want, you may need to pay more for them. Your website will likely end up costing you more money in the end.


Make sure you do your own research if you wish to learn about current net design rates. Additionally, you can ask for recommendations from family and friends.

Full payment in advance:

What do you think about a web design service provider who demands full payment before they start work on your website?

A deposit is required by reputable web design companies. Once a payment plan has been agreed upon, the client and the company can get started on building the website. Stay away from companies that require upfront payments.

Too much technobabble:

Most of my clients are not familiar with website design, which is why they seek the services of a professional.

When pitching their plans for the project to the client, some web design companies tend to use a lot of tech-speak. The majority of clients have to agree to things their web designer barely understands, but they have to pay anyway because of the designer's dictum.

Is it possible that the technical speak is nothing more than a ploy to get clients to spend money on features they don't really need?

Consider another prospective web design company that will speak to you in plain, simple English if you are unfamiliar with web design or if a prospective web design company is giving you lots of tech mumbo-jumbo.

Companies that only design websites:

When people were building websites in the past, they hired a web designer for aesthetics and a web developer for functionality. Now, companies are expected to offer web design and web development together, so web design is no longer the only service offered by a web design company. Beware of web design companies that only specialize in making websites look good.

This doesn't include a CMS:

CMS or content management systems should be a standard feature of every website that you hire a web design company to build. You may be getting ripped off if your website does not have one.

CMS-less websites make editing their content difficult; you must reach out to your web designer to have them edit the content for a fee.

E-commerce websites should be designed using platforms like WordPress, SharePoint, or Magento.

A non-responsive website:

Using a smartphone or tablet is far more common than using a desktop computer in today's world. Don't let a company that doesn't do responsive web design handle your website design. You want your website to look great across all devices.

You should run the other way if you see any of these signs in a prospective web design company, and look for one that offers the complete opposite.

Case studies from previous work:

No matter how you find a potential web design partner, you should always look at their past work. We recommend looking at these key aspects when reviewing the portfolio of a web design agency or freelancer:

Total number of projects:

What is their experience, and how long have they been in business? There could be incomplete projects online, so you might want to ask them.

The size of the projects:

What kinds of businesses do they work with, or what kind of technical requirements do they have? Does their work demonstrate flexibility and variety?


Even if instinct tells you to search for websites that look like what you want, look at the different page elements to see how the site has changed to meet the needs of different clients. If you take a look at the websites before and after engagement, you will be able to see how they design for various audiences and brand guidelines. You can view past versions of the sites using the Wayback Machine if they do not show before and after images.

Capabilities & services:

Did the completed sites meet all of their technical requirements, and how did they do so? Did they use templates or do they create their own designs? Did they create and integrate customized elements?


Process cannot be emphasized enough. Can you see a hint of their process by looking at their completed projects?

Get to know SuperHero Marketing! Take a look at our website design.

How busy are they at the time of your deadline?

Setting and meeting deadlines are probably the most important aspects of time management in web design projects.

Every other aspect of the project is impacted by the launch date. Can we get it done quickly? Does your company require multiple eyes to approve every step, which makes meeting exact deadlines for deliverables extremely important for both parties?

Right from the beginning, ask if your deadline can be met. Once a month into your project, you don't want to find out your freelancer has a full-time job as well as juggling your project with 15 other jobs at a tiny web design agency.

Your chosen web design agency or contractor should care just as much about the success of your project. Don't be afraid to ask all of these questions - and more! Do your homework, present all of your needs, and don't wait!

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