What Is Easy1up Is All About

Easy1up is a product that was invented by Peter Wolfing and is a training program. Based on education, it is an MLM. Providing training videos for business owners says that you can start at twenty-five dollars and earn up to thousands. It also offers you the opportunity to make money with its marketing program.

Having created five different training courses to teach you everything you need to know online, it's being treated as an online marketing training center whose primary goal is to recruit people and sell them on the training program. Then you will earn your money.  You can only be an Easy1up member through invitation, and you will gain full commission on your sale.

Membership Levels

There are different levels of membership that can be utilized to your benefit and are priced uniquely as follows.

  • The Elevation pay twenty-five dollars and an administration fee of five dollars. Your final cost is then thirty dollars.
  • The Elevation Elite-you will pay one hundred dollars and an administration fee of ten dollars. Your final cost is then one hundred and ten dollars.

As you can see here, the levels go up, and the pricing and administration fees go up as well. There is a reason behind this that we will cover below.

  • The Vertex will pay two hundred and fifty dollars with an administration fee of twenty-five, making your total two hundred and seventy-five.
  • The Vertex Elite will set you back five hundred and fifty dollars with your pay and fee.

The final set of membership levels is the highest, and as such, the administration fees are higher as well.

  • The Vertex Pro-your total here will be one thousand one hundred dollars.
  • The Vertex Live-Two thousand dollars with a five hundred dollar fee for the administrator. Your total here is twenty-five hundred dollars—a hefty price for businesses to spend.

The fees are non-refundable and occur once. You will need to purchase the level that you want to earn. What that means is if you want a commission of over five hundred dollars, you will have to buy the Vertex Elite and beyond. You will not get the commission if the referral goes higher, and you must purchase the correct level to earn the proper commission.

However, purchasing the higher level right away gives you the potential to earn the highest commission, and you don't have to buy the lower levels. Quite obviously, this is the tier that is being promoted the most. The big sell for these memberships is that you only need one customer to get your initial investment back however much you put in.

Potential Issues

There are some potential warning flags with this program, though. The first potential problem is the owner himself. Peter Wolfing has produced many products with negative reviews, and many of his products didn't last and closed down. Another issue with the owner is reputable affiliate marketing advisors warn you to stay away from him and Easy1up, claiming that it is a pyramid scheme.

You don't see the reality—only the smoke and mirrors. Many have come forth and shown that when you see the claims on YouTube and social media, you are only seeing people promote the service, not explaining what they learned or how it can help you. It gives people the feeling of the claims only wanting the commission. Not that it can help you.

Most companies will offer lower commission rates, which has caused debates, and people have begun to wonder if this can help them or hurt them. The leads and recruitment are not easy either, and your entire success depends upon it.

The last issue that people have with this program is the testimonials on the site. If you look closely, none of them promote Easy1up. They encourage the owner. No one mentions how this helped them or what it has done for their business. Due to that fact, many wonder if the reviews were truthful.

The Good Areas Of Easy1up

People have appreciated that you can start for a minimal amount of money. Another perk they have enjoyed is how you can recover your minimum payment with just one customer. Ideally, this would be easy and an option that is easily repeatable to ensure that you get the most out of your membership.

With the training they have given you, you should be prepared to take on the affiliate marketing world, recruit others, and enjoy making a full-time position's income without having to do full-time work. If you can recruit people efficiently and successfully, you would potentially make a lot of money. Though this will take time and a lot of effort, the only way to get your return on investment is to hustle and get as many recruits as you can.

No Responsibility

The privacy policy is something most people ignore, but this is one time you might want to pay attention. It states that Easy1up is not responsible for anything that happens from their program, and that includes if their files cause any of the following issues.

  • Viruses
  • Defects
  • E-mail errors
  • Deletions of files
  • Theft
  • Destruction
  • Unauthorizes access to records

Believe it or not, that is just the start of the list. That may not be an excellent option to utilize if it's going to cause viruses to destroy your hardware. The list of issues makes people wary because most affiliate marketing networks offer at least a small amount of protection and help to their users to avoid these issues.

Is It Worth It To You?

Easy1up has a lot of debates about it, and many wonder if the service is worth it. Many are not sold on spending so much money when you are not guaranteed a return. Ultimately, it is thought that the negatives outweigh the positives and that there are better training opportunities that you can take advantage of. In addition, there are other affiliate marketing networks to become a part of that have been proven to help people gain the financial independence they yearn for.

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