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What is Funnel Software?

Sales funnel can be defined as a process or a model that details the customers' buying cycle or how prospects convert into customers. While it may sound simple, converting casual leads into loyal customers is never easy.

Starting from lead acquisition to conversion, many stages are involved in a customers' buying cycle. Visually, this lead-to-customer journey forms a funnel, and software that automates this process for businesses is called funnel software.

Before we look into the technical aspects of a sales funnel software, let us first understand –

What is a Sales Funnel Used For?

The journey depicting the process of converting prospects into customers is called a sales funnel. Its primary goal is to direct visitors into taking steps that would eventually lead to sales. Typically, the sales funnel includes five stages –

  • Awareness
  • Attraction
  • Interest
  • Purchase
  • Delight

In other words, it maps the relationship of a prospect with your brand. The sales funnel automates this process for businesses, starting from learning about your brand (awareness) to encouraging customers to buy your products/services (attraction/interest) to eventually purchasing.

Analyzing, classifying, and following up leads daily can be tedious and even impossible, and it is where sales funnel software comes into play.

What is Funnel Software?

Sales funnel software means a platform that automates the prospects' movement up the buying cycle. Functional elements are part of the sales funnel software, including payment gateways, landing pages, application forms, promotional emails, newsletters, and more.

Basically, funnel software is a collection of tools that automates customer acquisition, lead generation, lead conversion, and sales, allowing businesses to grow, scale, and expand.

Features of a Good Funnel Software?

CRM Software Features

CRM or customer relationship management software is an integral part of a sales funnel often used by businesses. It helps move customers down the funnel and manages customers, leads, and sales in one place. CRM helps with –

  • Lead Capture
  • List Segmentation
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Prioritization
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Document Management
  • Forecasting

Businesses can also pass on the leads to sales representatives and manage sales and marketing campaigns too. Targeted lists can be created and managed, making it easier to focus on casual leads, half-baked leads, loyal customers, and new prospects accordingly.

Integration With Other Business Apps/Tools

It is essential that sales funnel software not only aligns with your business requirements but is compatible with other tools already used by the business. Integrating funnel software with other business tools and apps helps seamless and streamlined business operations, maximizing business productivity and efficiency.

In-Built Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing methods used by the business. The ROI on email marketing is $42 for every dollar spent, making it impossible for companies to ignore it.

Funnel software has in-built email marketing tools, making sending customized, scheduled, and promotional emails easier. Other options in the email marketing tool include activity-based emails, automated follow-up emails, auto-responder, drip emails, newsletters, list segmentation, etc.

Mobile Functionality

One of the critical features of funnel software businesses can't compromise on these days is mobile functionality and compatibility. It helps you track all the features of funnel software anytime, anywhere while ensuring it is in sync with all the devices (PC, Tablet, and Mobile).

Easy To Use & Setup

Funnel software can be complex but operating it doesn't have to be. The funnel software should resolve your marketing and sales goals, generate leads, create landing pages, track sales, revenue management, and more while being user-friendly.

It has tons of tools and features that can keep track of your sales and accelerate marketing efforts. The funnel software should be easy to set up and operate while maximizing business profitability and efficiency.

Funnel software helps with end-to-end sales process management that triggers sales, improves conversion, and boosts revenue generation. It is one of the most-needed business tools to anchor businesses, add stability, and assist sales and marketing teams in generating and converting leads efficiently.

If you're serious about business growth and expansion, you can't scale up without having efficient funnel software in place.




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