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Why is SEO important for your Business?

Online businesses need to market themselves. Marketing is complicated. There are so many different types of marketing. Each type of marketing has lots of different strategies. And each strategy has lots of different sub-categories.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website to rank higher on search engines. It's important to make sure your website ranks high on search engines because more people will see your website if it's at the top of the list.

What are the benefits of hiring an SEO company? Does your business website need SEO?

There are many other things to think about when running an online business besides search optimization. For example, you might need to think about advertising, social media, email outreach, and other things like that. It's important to balance your efforts across all of these things, but sometimes it's hard to know which ones are the most important. Sometimes it feels like you're just guessing about which things are going to work, and which aren't. It's hard to know which things to work on.


Search engine optimization is important for getting your website to be seen by more people. It's important for businesses to know how SEO works so they can figure out what they can do to get more traffic. When search engines like Google and Bing change their search algorithms it can change how people find websites. If a business doesn’t know what it's doing or if it doesn't know that it could be doing something wrong it can be hard to figure out why their website isn't getting as much traffic as it used to.

Here are the reasons to hire an SEO agency

Data Speaks for Itself

A large percentage of online browsing is derived from internet searches. 51% of all website traffic comes from search engines (referred to as "organic" traffic). A search engine like Google accounts for more than 40% of revenue as it has 5.6 billion daily searches, making it a crucial part of the search funnel. Search is used to find products and services. There are still many reasons why SEO is so important - Google (and to a lesser extent Bing) are still widely used for finding things on the web, which is why SEO is still so important.


Search engines are everywhere now. People use search engines to find information on the internet. Google, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, and other search engines are used all the time. A search engine is a tool that helps you find information. It is called a search engine because you use it to search for information. Search engines are the largest marketing channel in the world. They are also very effective at getting people to buy things.


Organic traffic is traffic that comes to your website without you paying for it. It comes from search engines like Google and Bing. Organic traffic is important to your business because it helps your website get popular. This means that your website will get more visitors. Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic because it is free, but it also brings in more money for your business.


Search Engine Optimization is important for websites because the first search engine results get a lot of traffic. 32.5% of the average traffic share goes to the first Google organic search results. Page #1 rankings are desirable for any business because most people don't go past the first page of search engine results. Your website could be losing out on traffic if it's stuck on page 2 and beyond.


When you hire an SEO company you can hire them to do all of your SEO work for you. This means that they will have a team of people that will work on your SEO. They will do things like optimize your website, write content for you, and more. This is a great way to get your SEO work handled because you don't have to do it yourself.

Companies with SEO expertise offer better strategies

Hiring an SEO company is a good idea. An SEO company will specialize in search engine optimization. To keep up with the ever-changing landscape of SEO, SEO companies will use the best tools, resources, and strategies. By outsourcing your efforts to an SEO company, you'll be able to focus on other areas of your company.

Search engine optimization is an industry that is always changing. Search engines like Google and Bing are always making new updates to their search system. In 2019 Google released 6 big updates. Those were just the big ones; they make small changes to their search system dozens of times per month.

SEO agencies can watch Google to see when they make changes to their search engine. Sometimes when they change things, it can make it harder for people to find the right websites. So SEO agencies can help their clients fix their websites when Google makes changes.

If you hire an SEO agency to work on your website, they can do things like change the title of your web page so that it will show up when people search for certain things. They can also change the description of your page so that when people look at your page, it will say what you want it to say. They can change the links on your page so that they go to the pages that you want them to go to. They can also change the words on your page so that they are the words that people are most likely to search for.

Some people outsource the work of SEO. It's important for business. When you choose an agency to do SEO, they will use your performance data to fine tune and adjust your campaign.

Not Just Traffic also Grow Your Sales

Traffic is only one aspect of good SEO. Keyword research that focuses on industry jargon and search behavior can help SEO agencies generate the right kind of traffic.

Finding intent-driven keywords means targeting people who are already aware of what they want and are ready to buy. SEO is also important for businesses who want to maximize their existing performance, since it will help you focus on your most profitable keywords and avoid the ones that don't.

When you want to know how many people are visiting your website, or how much time they spend there, or where they are from, you can use website analytics to find out. Website analytics is the process of gathering data about your website. Website analytics can show you how many people visit your website, how long they stay there, and where they are from. Website analytics can also show you what pages people visit, how long they stay there, and what they do when they are there.

Data is the key to fine tuning your business

Statistics are already used by most businesses to understand their customers and expand their businesses. Most companies monitor their site traffic and KPIs using data analytics tools like Google Analytics.


However, unless they have a solid understanding of SEO strategy, they won't be able to use that data properly.

What is the point of outsourcing your data reading to an SEO company?

Data like this is critical for your business website because it allows you both to establish benchmarks for your campaign and adjust your marketing strategy based on how your KPIs continue to change over time.


Using Google Analytics data, an expert SEO team monitors page performance in order to assess when site pages are underperforming. As they make adjustments, they can see the effect of their changes later by checking back on crucial conversion pages or high-value pages. Many businesses do not realize the importance of SEO until they change things too frequently and wonder why they are not seeing results.


A professional agency can monitor organic traffic period-over-period (POP) or year-over-year (YOY) from Analytics and Search Console to help identify areas of growth and areas of difficulty. It is important to hire a professional SEO agency to monitor your website since professional firms will be able to implement and utilize tools for monitoring your site in Google's index.


In addition to impressions, clicks, and click-through-rate (CTR), data from Google's Search Console can be useful to understand average keyword rankings. Informing your overall SEO campaign by using this keyword data allows you to discover high-value keywords and monitor rankings to help you grow your success. Monitoring KPIs and understanding the benefits of hiring a SEO firm can be done using analytical data.

It's clear why SEO works when you look at this kind of data.

Boost Your Technical SEO With Our Long-Term Support

There is more to SEO than just content and keywords. People know that incorporating keywords into your site and targeting them are part of search engine optimization, but the truth is that modern search optimization goes much further than this.

Search engines used to reward content and meta-keywords rich in keywords for ranking well in search results (or SERPs) a couple of years ago. In the days before Google's famous PageRank system, dishonest link building schemes facilitated the use of backlinks.

If your business already has a web developer, why hire an SEO company?

Nowadays, SEO has become much more complex than ever before. Using web developers, you can improve your SEO performance by implementing important back-end SEO factors. Most web developers do not have sufficient technical training to understand SEO. An SEO company can provide you with resources to help you with more complex problems.

Your site may be down ranked by Google or Bing if you perform a technical audit of its help. Also, your site can be analyzed by a professional to ensure your analytics tracking is working efficiently, that your content is easily readable by search engine robots, and that your site is mobile-friendly.There are companies that use SEO technology for site analysis, to ensure each page of your site has sufficient HTML meta-data, functional "a href" links, and a crawlable site structure. The goal of technical SEO is to optimize these elements for improved SEO and monitor your presence in Google's index using Search Console to make sure you are not adversely impacted.

How Do We Help Our Clients?

In addition to on-page SEO, Armando Bonilla focuses on technical and technical website health to generate consistent results for businesses.

During the first quarter of 2020, clients' traffic grew by 22% year-over-year on average. Our customers were able to achieve an average 34% revenue increase year-over-year by using content optimization and intent-driven keywords!

Using professional keyword research strategies, striking-distance adjustments, and on-page optimization, we helped clients increase traffic to their sites by an average of 18% last year. An SEO company can help you achieve your specific industry goals, which is one of the benefits of hiring one. Using these strategies, we helped businesses grow their total average revenue by 58% in 2019 by working closely with them and adapting our campaigns to their specific KPIs.

Search engines reproduce and observe the behavior of websites, identifying areas of relevance for on-page SEO. From there, we can begin to improve their rankings by making adjustments and monitoring their site.

Get more information about our strategic SEO services by contacting us to learn why SEO is important for businesses. See what other brands have to say about our products by checking out our client testimonials.

You can learn the importance of SEO for your business from our professional team during a site consultation.

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