Top 3 YouTube Audience Targeting Options to Expand Your Reach

Small and medium-sized businesses are flocking to Google Ads because of its ease of use and varied audience targeting options. They avoid YouTube ads because, for them, videos seem complicated and expensive. But, with the shift in ways people use their smartphones, overlooking video advertising is a recipe for disaster.

YouTube offers a number of YouTube advertising settings to help you create a successful YouTube ad campaign and get results. Here are some of the top audience targeting options available on YouTube and how to use them to your advantage –

Life Events

Anyone can target a certain user base depending on their age and gender on Google. But YouTube allows you to add a life event in addition to the traditional criteria and sets you apart from your competitors. The life event option allows you to target potential customers when they are going through some major life milestone. Suppose you are trying to reach a younger demographic for your products or services. But instead of only setting the age range, you can choose to target people who have recently graduated or are looking for new jobs.

Google collects user data to determine what is happening in their lives. There are a number of different categories visible on the campaign dashboard, such as college graduation, business creation, job change, new pet, moving, moving, home renovation, retirement, or buying a home. Such targeting is exclusive for YouTube campaigns and gives you the much-needed competitive edge.

Affinity Audience

Marketers use affinity audiences to increase awareness about brands. Such audiences are defined in the same manner TV audiences are defined because they help purchases and drive offline actions among audiences. YouTube offers a similar audience targeting option to expand its presence online in a cost-effective manner.

YouTube provides a list of predefined audiences for you to choose from on a large scale. Depending on your industry, you can choose from media, finance, entertainment, transportation, banking, and more. Every affinity targeting category has more drop-down options to help you pick even more targeted audiences.

In-Market Audiences

If the goal of your YouTube advertisement is to drive engagement, an in-market audience is the best choice. It helps you connect with people who are actually researching your products and services on YouTube, Google, and similar search network. In-market audiences can drive conversions and help you connect with consumers towards the last step before making a purchase decision.

In-market can be defined anywhere from financial services and apparel to event tickets and travel. Each of these predefined in-market audiences comes with additional drop downs for specific targeting.


Apart from the targeting options mentioned above, there are many options out there. But, it's best to start with three of them as they are more flexible, making testing easier for those new to YouTube advertising. Choose the targeting settings that are ideal for reaching the right audience for your campaign goals. Custom YouTube advertising settings help reach your target audience and reach people who are much further in the sales funnel.

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